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Microsurf is a free web reader that allows blind people to surf the Internet without any difficulty...

Microsurf is fully controlled with the mouse or with the Control key and the 4 arrow keys, avoiding learn new shortcuts.

Microsurf is designed as an extension to Google Chrome, and uses the Google ChromeVox accessibility engine.


If you have not already done so, install Google Chrome on your computer by going to http://www.google.com/chrome/.

Then go to the Google WebStore and install Microsurf by clicking the +FREE button and next the Add button.
Thereafter, whenever a new version is available, updating is done automatically via the Internet without your intervention.

Notes :
- If Google Chrome does not start on your home page, create a Windows shortcut by clicking on the desktop with the right mouse button and selecting the menu New - Shortcut. Enter the address of your choice (eg www.microsurf.org) and click Next to choose a name for your shortcut (eg Microsurf). Finally click the Finish button.
If you want to launch this page when you start the computer, simply drag the shortcut in the Windows Start menu, under All Programs - Startup.
- To uninstall Microsurf, click on the Google Chrome menu icon in the top right of the browser window, and then choose Tools - Extensions. Finally click on the trash corresponding to the Microsurf extension.


You can control Microsurf with the mouse or with the keyboard. Below, we describe only the second method because in both cases, the principle is the same : one click with the wheel is equivalent to pressing the Control key, click the left or right mouse button corresponds respectively to the left and right arrow keys. Finally, the scroll wheel replaces the up and down arrow keys.
However, before you can control Microsurf with the mouse, you must enable the corresponding option in the Configuration menu.

After installation, Microsurf is automatically activated. If you need to disable it, press the Control key 2 times quickly. Do the same to reactivate.

You can navigate through a web page using the up and down arrow keys. By default, these keys allow you to move from one title to another in order to have a global view of the content of the page. If a title catches your attention, you can zoom in on that part of the page by pressing the right arrow key. Now, by pressing the up and down arrow keys, you navigate not from one title to another, but from one element to another. By pressing the right arrow key again, you zoom in a little more to navigate from one word to another. To return to the previous zoom level, press the left arrow key.
You have 5 levels of zoom allowing you to navigate by link, title, item, word and character.

Now that you know how to browse a page, see how to run a command (follow a link, enter an address, etc.).
By pressing the Control key, you enter in the command menu in which you can move with the arrow keys : you go to the next or previous menu by pressing respectively the down and up arrow keys.
If the name of a menu includes a verb, it means it's a command that can be launched by pressing the right arrow key.
Otherwise, it means it has a submenu, also accessible by pressing the right arrow key, and in which you navigate as in the previous menu. To return to it, use the left arrow key.

Now that you know the principle of Microsurf, you can explore all of its features...

Note :
- When you run a command, you automatically exit the command menu. However, in some cases, especially for configuration options, it is necessary to press the Control key again to exit the command menu.


If you wish to obtain additional information, report a problem or an error in translation (Microsurf is a french software), submit ideas, etc., indicate in the boxes below your email address and your message.

A response will be provided as soon as possible...



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